Overflight & Landing Permits

In order to operate a flight to/from Israel an airline must obtain suitable slots (considering that both LLBG and VDA are coordinated airports) and landing permits from the Israeli CAA (which include airline authorization, traffic rights approval, security clearance and more). Considering the fact that Israel regulation varies from the one in EU countries obtaining the suitable permits can be challenging and obviously is critical for the overall success of your operations. This is especially true for an airline that operates for the first time in Israel and/or operates a new destination. our company has a vast experience in authorizing new airlines in Israel, obtaining suitable permits and handling all of the authorization procedures and our team members have been taking care of such procedures for many years and have obtained authorizations for thousands of flights and for almost 100 different airlines. On top of that we have establish a strong working relationships with the Israeli Civil Aviation Authority and the Israeli Airports Authority that facilitate us in properly taking care of the authorization process. Our know how allows us also to manage authorization on a short notice (prior to the flight) which can be even more complicated than the usual processes, and to obtain all the needed permits and authorizations. We also manage and obtain overflight permits for airlines that do not land or depart from Israel and only interested in overflying the Israeli air space.

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