IAA fees check

As you might know the vast majority of the payments for the services and facilities provided in TLV airport during an aircraft turnaround go to the airport authority. The airport authority are the ones that get the payment for the passengers tax, baggage fees, landing charges and so on, as well as for the many of the services provided, such as cleaning, waste clearing etc. Actually about 90% of the payments paid by an airline during an aircraft turnaround, go the airport authority and only about 10% is the payment to the handling agent for his services. The payment to the airport authority for all of these charges, fees and services is done as principle through the handling agent. The handling agent collects the payments from the airline and disburses them to the airport authority. As a rule, a prepayment for 100% of the cost of the fees and services (including passengers tax, baggage fees, landing, quote and so on) is required prior to the flight, and then after the flight was performed a reconciliation is done according to the actual data of the flight. This reconciliation is also done through the handling agent, that provides a report to the airline regarding the actual figures that were charge for the flight. For example the actual number of passengers according to which the passengers tax and the baggage fee were charged, the length of the parking of the aircraft, whether cleaning services were provided and so on. Due to the scope of this reconciliation and considering that it is done by the handler for many flights in short time and incudes any different items, sometime mistakes are made by the handler in this process. As a result it might be the case that the airline doesn’t gets its full reimbursement it is entitled to. We are offering to monitor the actual charges and the reconciliation (performed by the handler) versus the actual data (concerning the flight), in order to locate any discrepancies and occurrences in which the airline is being over charged. We are working on a success fee method of payment which doesn’t creates unnecessary expenses for the airline. Meaning that our fee will be an agreed percentage of the amounts we will manage to recuperate for the airline, by identifying mistakes and incorrect charges.

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