About us

We will exceed your expectations!

Expect more from your Aviation Support partner.
At Aviation support, we believe there is a better and easier way to make business. Airlines who choose aviation support are rewarded with higher return, for it is our goal to ensure that every aspect of your experience is more personal and professional. This objective is supported by our vast experience and dedication of every single one of our employees.
If you seek to maximize the total value of your international trip support partner, look no further. Aviation Support experts bring attention to detail to a whole other level, combined with exacting processes and personal passion to ensure the success of any mission.

We’re a sincere company with a straightforward vision. Our customers are the essence of our existence, we are there for them and our target is to provide service beyond their expectations. Our vision is to nurture our status as a leading, high-quality company in the market of station services. We aspire to become an innovative company that attracts and nourishes qualified employees, to constitute as a role model in the organizational culture and mode of actions and to be a profitable firm, that is designed for unlimited growth that contributes the aviation world.

Our team

We put our values at the core of how we operate as an organization — not just when it’s convenient, but in a lasting and meaningful way. Our team is a group of highly qualified workers, who bring to use their years of experience in every task.


Our offices are located in a shared working environment close to the airport and Civil Aviation Authority which allows us to maintain close relationship with our colleagues.


Ben-Gurion Airport, Terminal 3 / Nim Blvd 2, Rishon Lezion